What You Need To Know About British Shorthair As Pets

Many cat owners may consider their pets’ independence a positive trait, but for many others, cats are often stereotyped (read more) to be snobbish creatures who couldn’t care less about their owners’ whereabouts. Breeds like the British shorthair, on the other hand, flip and debunk that stereotype. The characteristics of this cat breed will make you fall in love with it since it has beautiful looks, an engaging personality, and incredible hunting skills!

If you’re looking into getting a pet, a British shorthair, also known as Brits, is an excellent choice! With a good appearance, these cats are not only adorable to look at, but they’re also effortlessly easy to get along with. If you’ve never seen a good-natured feline before, Brits are most likely the ones you need to see. Their charming appearance and friendly disposition have made them extremely popular all over the world.

So, let’s take a moment to cherish all of the qualities and characteristics that make these adoring felines so unique – and overlooked.

Fact #1: British Shorthair Is One Of The Oldest Cat Breeds

Due to its highly ancient lineage, the British Shorthair dates back to the first century AD, making it one of the most ancient identifiable cat breeds. They were first introduced by the Ancient Romans in Britain, as they serve as great pest control experts way back to keep snakes, mice, and insects away.

British Shorthairs made friends with European wildcats upon their arrival, which led to mating. Compared to other breeds, these wildcats are far more aloof and aggressively territorial, as they are essentially impossible to tame and domesticate. Despite the differences, the hybrids that were created as a result of these cross-breeds were hardy short-haired felines who were exceptional hunters like the wildcat but very socially adept and happy to live alongside humans.

Thus, this breed is considered to be the first British domesticated cat!

Fact #2: They Are Easygoing And Low Maintenance

If you’re searching for a peaceful, gentle home feline who won’t continually raise a disturbance, this is the cat for you. The British Shorthair is a great option. A well-behaved cat with a keen intellect. This breed is recognized for being calm and laid-back. It’s known for being non-destructive, avoiding the scratching and splashing that come with more active cats.

Brits cat breeds are a low-maintenance breed that is ideal for feline lovers looking for a laid-back feline companion. Once a week, they’ll need to brush their short, thick coat, and they’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Further, it is a lovely family friend. The British shorthair personality is laid-back, making them ideal for families with children, other cats, and cat-friendly dogs. When it comes to guests and visitors, they are equally confident.

Taking care of a British Shorthair with their sweet nature and teddy bear appearance will keep you captivated and loved for life.

Fact #3: This Breed Went On The Verge Of Extinction

The brits almost went nearly extinct back then. By the turn of the century, since the influx of the longhaired Persian and other imported breeds, the British Shorthair had fallen out of favor. The British Shorthair’s existence had become almost entirely gone by the beginning of World War I. That resulted in the decline of the British’s popularity, as people sought alternatives to their shortages during the war.

But, thanks to breeders, Persians were introduced into the bloodlines of these British cats, resulting in the tamer and friendlier feline we know today.

Fact #4: They Ranked 5th As The Most Popular Cat Breed Worldwide

This cat has been ranked as one of the most popular breeds. It is proven to be an essential part of pop culture and has the status of being one of the original English cats, dating back to Roman times, according to Catster.

Although you may not know it, this cat breed has long been a part of popular culture. It is not just one of the most popular cat breeds, but it is also frequently seen on television, in movies, and even in books. Many Whiskas adverts feature a British shorthair feline, which you might remember.

Winston Churchill, the famous cat – raised from the dead in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, as well as “Arlene” in Garfield: The Movie and the “Cheshire Cat” in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, are all British shorthairs. Recent Shrek fans couldn’t help but notice that Puss in Boots, the charming character, also resembled a British shorthair (see here: https://www.azfamily.com/news/us_world_news/here-are-the-top-20-most-popular-dog-breeds/article_fe3992d4-8e36-11ea-a1f4-1b282e37d440.html).

Fact #5: They Aren’t Hypoallergenic

Contrary to what many pet owners think, Brits aren’t hypoallergenic. Despite having “short” hair coats, Brits are also a significant source of allergens, just like other cat breeds. While their fur is short, it is incredibly thick. As anyone who owns this cat breed knows, it inevitably gets quite everywhere, even when brushed every week. Cat allergens may get present anytime and anywhere around your house, regardless of the cat breed.

Moreover, these allergen molecules can induce allergic reactions in people who are allergy sufferers. Not only the hair but the dander and their saliva could be the issue.

In that case, if you are allergic to cats, the British Shorthair might not be for you. While this is true, these things are considered tolerable by people who are not sensitive to felines. Other breeds can be an allergen for people in general. Still, compared to them, the Brits are the first line of hypoallergenic cats.