Ready to Change Careers

10 Unmistakable Signs You’re Ready to Change Careers

Even the best job has its downsides. Being unhappy about certain aspects of your work life is pretty much normal and nothing to worry about. If you feel deeply unsatisfied to an extent where you dread going to work in the mornings, that´s when you should start wondering whether a change of job could be helpful. 

Before taking such a step, it´s important to figure out what exactly it is that makes you dream of a career change. Is it the working climate in the company, the job description, the salary or are you simply unhappy in the specific branch? If you´re unsure whether a change of job will do or if a new career path might be the way to go, try to figure out if one of the following signs applies to you.

Ready to Change Careers
Ready to Change Careers

You´re Feeling Bored

Time stretches like a chewing gum and you cannot even bring in your skills? If you´re bored at work, you might simply be under-challenged. The mental or physical underload can cause you to shut down, to become frustrated and to lose your ambition. It can be helpful to talk to your boss in order to figure out if there are positions available that will grant you more accountability. But if you feel that it´s the business branch itself that causes you boredom, you might be better off finding a new career. The website can be helpful when it comes to retraining.

Decline of Health

Your health is a very good indicator as of how stressful and challenging your job is. Every year, there are so many fatalities that can be linked to work environments and conditions. Working over-time or under a lot of pressure doesn´t just challenge your mental health, but also your physical health. It there is no way of reducing stress in your current company or even branch, it´s time to reorient yourself.

Lack of Authenticity 

It can be fun to slip into different roles. But as you spend many hours a week at your work place, playing a role should not be part of it. It´s easy to adapt a corporate lifestyle, sometimes it´s even a logical consequence of seeking a career in certain branches. But a lack of authenticity can become really frustrating – especially in the long-run. In that case, it´s better to find a job where you can be yourself, ask for help and remain a human being with emotions, flaws and limits.

Social Life Is Suffering

You´re a workaholic and tend to lose friends or lovers because you never have time for them? You might not regret it now, but you´re likely to regret it at some point. We all need a social net to comfort us. If you notice that your job is eating up all your free time and makes you a disappointment for your friends and family, you should definitely consider a new career path.

Not Able to Live Your Values

In your private life, you have strong values like sustainability, inclusion or freedom? That´s great. But if your values don´t align with your job, it might be time for a change of jobs. Finding a job with a company that has the same values as you can be extremely fulfilling. Career coaches can help your find the perfect job.

You Fell into Your Job

If you haven´t made the conscious choice to work in your current job, you are what´s considered a “career sleepwalker”. Not working in a job that aligns with your skills, your personality and values can become really frustrating.

Not What You Expected

You finally have your dream job, but are realizing that it´s not even close to what you´ve been expecting? Bureaucracy, a lack of creativity and other things often come unexpected – if that´s not for you, go find your real dream job.

Not Your Own Boss

Some people are just bad heelers. They function better if they can be their own boss. Most people only realize that once they´ve found a job. If not being your own boss makes you feel uncomfortable, it´s a red flag, which should cause you to reorient yourself.

Status Quo vs. Thought of Change

If remaining in your current job feels like more of a challenge to you than immerging yourself in a change of careers, it´s an unmistakable sign for you to seek a new career. We spend so many hours at work. Forcing yourself to endure frustration, disappointment, stress of boredom isn´t necessary.

 Your Job Is Pointless

You´ve been dreaming about changing the world in order to leave your legacy behind? That´s wonderful, but there are so many jobs out there that don´t align with your goal. Even though no job is pointless, you might get the feeling that what you´re doing is pointless. That´s why your job isn´t fulfilling. Finding a job where you can use your skills in a gainful way can be a great alternative.

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