Mailroom by PackageX: An Efficient Mail Management Solution for Universities

Mail distribution is an ongoing and forever industry. It connects people to send items, whether a care package for a loved one, an item you bought or sold online a gift for a friend’s birthday, or an important business document. Organizing and managing become a challenge when there is a substantially consistent flow of incoming and outgoing mail.

Thousands of pieces of mail arrive at universities through the pipeline every single day. And since university students have started ordering everything, from medication to clothing, online, this number has been growing tremendously. With the help of PackageX’s mailroom tracking software, university mailroom managers can streamline operations, sorting through all the items is not a logistical nightmare anymore. The need for mailroom management in universities is also for the students that receive packages from their families.

Mailroom Management by PackageX

Mailroom by PackageX is a new and advanced mailroom tracking software that helps revolutionize the way companies process their mails. Providing a wide array of features- PackageX abets in automating the mail management system. As a result, there are many benefits that the companies, mailroom managers, and teams can incur, including saving time, space, and reduced liabilities but not limited to them only.

Take the example of when a package arrives: the mailroom employees scan the barcodes on the packages, which reads the recipient’s information and then sends an automated email that notifies them of the arrival of the package.

The advantage of digital tracking is that the mailroom employees have information such as the online chain of custody when the package is delivered and the student’s signature. All this information can also be accessed at any point in the future through mobile apps.

The mailroom management software can be used to analyze and draw data that is useful in planning what on-hand resources the universities will require when the more significant influx of packages is expected, such as when the holidays are near or when the first few weeks of classes have started.

How Does PackageXhelp Universities?

No Manual Data Entry

What makes Mailroom so unique and beneficial is the software’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The mobile application sanctions you to scan QR codes, barcodes, handwritten labels, and everything in between. This is especially beneficial for university students as there is no need for manual entry of packages or mail; thus, the margin of error is low and doesn’t take much time, also you get what you desire with ease and accuracy.

Making life Simpler for Students

Students can easily ask their roommates or friends to receive their packages with the help of our mailroom app. With our Mailroom app, students. It can also help students save their time through a quicker pickup process at the mailroom. You can easily manage branch deliveries and re-route correspondences to a designated fellow. Not just that, you can quickly organize package pickup conferring to student’s timetable and make sure no package gets misplaced.

Customization and Notifications

The system allows you to effortlessly notify recipients about their deliveries and send automated reminders in the form of an email or a text with just one click. The application lets you add labels and special notes to the package, increasing the recipient’s convenience and thus satisfaction. Furthermore, you can always send prompt notifications to students/staff at every stage of the package journey and record the chain of custody. All of these features make the process convenient and easier to manage.

Digitalize Your Mail Management

Our app provides the freedom to hold, forward or destroy their mail within one tap. One tap and you’re done. Your students can select the fortune of their packages with Mailroom Connect since it offers a collection of features.

Updated and Easy Tracking

Our mailroom app allows the user to track their packages. It eradicates the necessity for your students to call the mailroom and check the status of their package. Our app has eased the process of tracking the package, making it easier for students to follow.

Smart Scheduling

There is no prerequisite to use any hardware to use the Mailroom app. All you need is a smartphone with a camera that works as a scanner and eradicates the need for an affluent devoted image scanner for the job. Function a contactless mailroom with a digital resilient of transfer. You can now get proof of delivery with a simple picture of the receiver with the package. There is no need to sign any papers or exchange documents which could be such a hassle. With our Mailroom app, you can scan up to 50 packages in one go without any disturbance.

Never Lose a Parcel

Have you had past experiences of losing parcels or not receiving packages? We provide you with access to a complete chain of custody, making it simpler and easier to track your package and thus eliminates the chance of the package being misplaced. Moreover, Dispatch by PackageXprints customized shipping labels and helps send universities packages for same day delivery.


PackageX mailroom management software helps university students to stay connected with the ability to focus on value-added work. It has automated the whole process while maintaining the efficiency of the delivery cycle. Weighing the innovative features of PackageX Mailroom, it has created a clear picture of how this software can become an asset for universities.

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