Where to Sell Books – 5 Best Platforms to Sell Books

Every book lover comes to a point in their lives when they should make an important choice: how can they make room for all the new books they would like to purchase? Giving away your old books would be a waste of money and would be damaging to the environment. As a result, you have the alternative of selling, donating, or reusing your books.

Fortunately, many excellent websites and stores will make payments for your used books. Before I start, you should be aware that not all websites to sell your books are created equal. You need to find a spot that will accept the books you’re marketing in the condition they’re in.

Places to Sell Books Online


BookDeal.com is one of the best book-buying websites. It has rapidly come to power as the best website for selling books, and they have been doing so for over 20 years. For years, the company has recognized that selling textbooks is a difficult task. Aside from comparing prices, you should also consider the buyers’ reliability. Furthermore, you must monitor the selling process until you receive payment. Even with the payment, you may be paid less than you mentioned.

Solving this problem on your own can be difficult. However, BookDeal.com makes it easy to solve all of these problems and provides you with everything you require in one place. In addition, their selling procedure is extremely simple. This is because the value of your book changes on a daily and hourly basis, depending on a variety of aspects.

As a result, you must compare the value of your book to determine the best price. And this can be a complicated process. However, they handle everything for you at BookDeal.com, and the most significant feature is that they guarantee that you get paid.


When you ask yourself, “Where can I sell my books?”, BookScouter is a great place to start. This site compiles data from over 30 other bookselling websites to show you how much each of them is willing to pay for the books you want to sell.

This allows you to quickly compare rates and determine who will pay you too much! It’s convenient not to waste time testing individual websites when you want to sell your books quickly, so BookScouter is an excellent destination when looking for the best websites to sell your books online.

To join BookScouter, all you need are the ISBN numbers of your books, which you can then search on their website. Then they’ll tell you how much each book is offering and where you can get the best deal. If you like an offer, you can proceed to the individual websites to market your books!


If you want to sell your books on Amazon, there are two options. The first is that you can sell your books through a third-party marketplace. When the book you’ve advertised is sold, you’ll need to send it to the client, and Amazon will reimburse you after deducting a charge for simplifying the transaction. You must offer excellent after-sales service and thoroughly reveal the books’ condition to maintain a positive seller rating and attract customers.


If you have many used books for sale, you can open an AbeBooks professional seller account. If you have a few books to sell, though, using their book-buyback service is significantly more convenient. This is because Amazon owns the platform, and they claim to have the world’s most extensive online book buyback library. In addition, AbeBooks boasts that their buyback prices are usually lower than those of a local college bookstore.

You must have at least $15 worth of books to sell, and they must be in good condition. If the books you submit do not match AbeBooks’ requirements, they will be discarded, and you will not be reimbursed.


Half.com is a subsidiary of eBay, but unlike eBay, it lists books for sale at a fixed price. They sell both academic and general books. To begin selling books, you must first form a seller account (by ISBN).

It is essential to provide complete disclosure of the book’s condition to maintain high seller ratings. Half.com will get a percentage of the final payment when you sell a book. Payments from book sales are deposited into a PayPal account.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous bookselling websites to choose from if you are looking for the best website to market books. However, not everyone will offer you the money you require, and some will refuse to purchase your books. Fortunately, the list discussed in this guide will give you a good starting point. However, before you begin, please check the terms and conditions. Reading the terms and conditions will provide you with the details to run a successful bookselling business.

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